Using CloudFlare with AWS/Route53


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I’m currently a little bit confused: When I’m adding a domain, which I already registered using Route53, the CloudFlare Scan shows me 2 A-Records with the IPs of the AWS LoadBalancer (at Route53 I just added an “A-Record alias” with the LBs DNS-Name). After reading the Docs ( I should add a CNAME with the LBs DNS-Name. What happens to the 2 A-Records? Should they be removed? Currently it makes no sence to me to keep the A-Records, as the CNAME will resolve the LBs DNS-Name. But AFAIK A-Records are the most important part of the domain :smiley:

Thx in advanced!


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Thank you @fly. We did it and will change from AWS to CloudFlare NS nameservers tonight.

Do you think the free plan for CloudFlare is enough? Do users have to expect annoying security warnings or similar because of the "SSL (Limited browsers)" thing?
Any other special advantages (performance or similar important), which are really valuable in the 20$ PRO plan?


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I would recommend the Pro plan.

As for Route53, I would wait until a few days after the switch to Cloudflare before removing anything