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So I want to move my XF files into a folder called "Forums" make the forums located at Now I want the XenPorta addon to be located at so when people go there they see the portal. I kinda know how to do it but can someone tell me so I can be sure. I'm not 100% on how to make it located at the root directory.

Chris D

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Ok. So your site is already in the root so actually you don't need to do anything.

Just install XenPorta like you would any other add-on.

XenPorta will automatically move (if the option is enabled, which I think it is by default) your forum list to /forums then it will move the portal home page to the index.

The result is, after installing XenPorta is going to will take you to the XenPorta home page and going to will take you to your forum home page.
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