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XF 1.4 How to set a .html file in the root as the default index page?


Here are all the files in my root website directory:

I currently have my default index page set to portal/ which is my xenporta page, but I want to set the default index page to go to the 'splash.html'

How can I do this?


XenForo developer
Staff member
XenForo generally "takes over" a directory, so you can't officially do what you're looking to do. You'd normally install XF in a child directory.

Strictly speaking, if index.php is removed as a "directory index" (making splash.html your index), you don't enable friendly URLs, and you remove all of the rewrite-components of the .htaccess, you may be able to do it. The only alternative would be to bring splash.html in as something like a page node and then change your "index page route" to point to it.
How would I get the page html to use the entire page and bypass the page theme? When I tried it displayed my splash.html but inside the container.