Lack of interest Users in approval queue should still require email confirmation

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When you have email confirmation required as an option for registrations, and a newly registering user goes into the user approval queue due to the spam filter, then you only have the option to approve or reject.

But if you approve then that user no longer needs to confirm via email.

If you want email confirmation, then they should have to have email confirmation whether or not they are caught by the spam filter.
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I suppose there's a possibility of a change here, but I think it's somewhat unlikely. This approach was taken for technical reasons. Specifically, it was to ensure that when we check a registration against various spam databases, we're using the actual heuristics from registration. If we delayed that until confirmation, we wouldn't have all the information. Saying that, there would be ways around it, but it's a much more extensive change.

That said, I can't say that I've found this problem to be an issue in practice. Emails can become invalid at any time, so it's something that you need to deal with after registrations as well (such as with the email bounce handlers). If the email is invalid, then it's quite likely to be discovered quickly. (Not to say it's perfect, but it's a balance of trade offs.)