Spam phrase matched - highlight matches, and include all phrases matched. Not only in approval queue, but also in the thread.


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If someone's post has multiple spam phrases, in the approval queue (and spam trigger log) it will only notify you about one of them (seemingly randomly?). I tested it with 3 phrases, and it notified me about the middle one.

In the approval queue it shows me Spam phrase matched (*keyword*), but in the thread it only shows This message is awaiting moderator approval, and is invisible to normal visitors..

In both the queue and the thread I think it should show a list all of matched keywords, and highlight them.

Additionally, if the person deletes their comment before it's approved, it will only show in the thread as Deleted by User 8 minutes ago. Any information about it containing spam phrases is completely gone. If they delete their comment it should still contain a notice (visible to mods) about the spam phrases it contains, and the phrases should be highlighted.

I would argue that it shouldn't even be removed from the queue if deleted by the user. But that's ok I guess since we can periodically check the spam trigger log.
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