spam phrases

  1. Rudy

    Implemented Spam phrases could also inspect thread title for matches

    The ability to scan new messages for spam phrases has been helpful. Spammers nearly always post links in the message body, so using "http" as a filter helps to trap them before the message appears in public. (We send ours to the moderation queue.) Spammers apparently are also now trying to...
  2. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Add spam cleaner domains to spam phrases

    One problem with spammers is spammers posting spam for the same domains for the same domains. If a users content is removed through the spam cleaner then the domains in that content should be added to spam phrases. This will prevent the domain from ever being successfully posted again and any...
  3. Fred.

    XF 1.5 Disable spam checks in conversations

    Hi, I have new members complaining that they can't send url's in conversations. This is what I see in the spam trigger log. Izzie - Spam phrase matched (www) Moderated, Tuesday at 2:30 PM, Content: post Izzie - Spam phrase matched (www) Moderated, Tuesday at 2:28 PM, Content...