XF 1.5 Users getting an alert each time users post


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Several of my users (maybe many more?) are saying that everytime UserX or UserY posts, they get an alert notification for the post. They say it cannot be due to Watched Forums or Watched Threads, because the alert occurs when UserX or UserY posts, regardless of the forum or thread s/he posts in.

Users commenting/discussing this issue...
User1 said:
If UserX posts in a thread I get a notification for each time he posts.
User2 said:
I'm not following him, and I get an alert every time he posts too. That doesn't happen with anyone else
User3 said:
I just ignore multiple notifications now
User4 said:
User5 said:
Just to throw my 2c in, I have this problem too. I'm also not following UserX.

Thoughts/pointers appreciated on where to investigate.
I'd advise them to go through their "Preferences" and "Alert Preferences" in their "User Settings" panel as a starting point. It does seem unusual that it all relates back to one or two users though, unless they're posting and interacting quite frequently on your forum.
If you look at the quotes from the OP from forum users, User 2 and User 5 specifically state that they aren't following User X who they are getting alerts about.

I know, but user 1, 3, and 4 did not state that. Even though, the behavior being described by all sure seems like a follow, although it may not be.
Get them to navigate to watched/threads/all
Thanks, I'll try that.
Although, there issue they are experiencing is that when specific user(s) post, they get alerts of that user(s) posts only. If they were watching threads, they'd get alerts for all users posts, not just specific user(s) posts. Will see what there watched threads looks like.
Here's a succinct example of the issue ...

Forums watched ...

Threads watched ...

User alerts for thread 'Uncles EPIC after practice ride' ...
Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.42.08 AM.webp

Log of all posts to the same thread, highlighted those alerted and those not ...
Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.39.52 AM.webp

The above screenshots, all from the same user, show that he's getting post alerts for a specific user (Uncle Greg). He's watching the thread in question, but should only get a single alert for the first post in that thread after he last viewed it, regardless for whom that poster was.

Really confused by what's going on here.
How would I determine what add-ons are hooking into alert creation/management? Can I 'grep -ir library/ ...' for a specific phrase that will show, or look at some ACP option in debug mode?
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