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XF 1.1 Users Can't Confirm Account

It says something like page not found. I did change the url to community/ from forum/, but had problems getting the /community/ to stick.

The url was to a community/ url, but I just changed it to /forum/ again and restarted the server and am testing. I have a VPS, and have the option to do a graceful restart and forceful restart. I just did a forceful restart.... Hoping this will fix it.
Remove the trailing slash if you have entered one, as it explains below the field:

The primary URL to your board. Do not include a trailing "/" or "index.php". The URL should look similar to this: http://www.example.com/forum
I have removed the trailing slash, and restarted the server and now the url is correct, but I am still getting the error.

Forums - Error
The requested page could not be found.

Edit: Wait a second, it may be /forum instead of /forums... I'm changing it now. Wish I could make it /community without problems with my server.


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Just wondering about something here? Have you by chance edited the .htaccess file and removed the "#" from "#RewriteBase /xenforo" to use it. Also, were is your .htaccess file located? In the Root (public_html), or in your forums folder with the rest of the files (were it should be)?