XF 1.5 Users Awaiting Approval Page Doesn't show all users

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We currently have 144 moderated members according to the notice at the top of the screen.


However, when we click this link, it takes us to the AdminCP > Users > Users Awaiting Approval that holds a list of 30 users which are organized by user name. When we are addressing these accounts we often need to see the entire list, but there is no way (that I can see) to go beyond the first 30 names. Am I just missing something here? Is there a way to see all of the Users Awaiting Approval? Also (and this is just a minor thing), would it be possible to sort these users by registration date instead of user name?


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The limit is for performance reasons - that list is not intended to have large numbers of accounts waiting to be processed for any length of time.

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@Brogan, I am not a coder, so I can't speak to the performance savings, although it would seem to me that having several pages of names you could click through wouldn't cause an issue (as opposed to all of the names being listed on a single page).

I also understand that this isn't intended to have a large number of accounts waiting, but we vet each one which can takes time (potential members being emailed and then awaiting their response, etc). I don't know if other sites just blow those accounts away without concern or what but we can easily exceed the 30 user limit... is there nothing that can be done here?