XF 1.5 Usernames disappeared

Sometime in the past few days usernames have stopped showing in all threads. Is there a setting somewhere for this? I can't find anything.


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This is likely an issue with your style then, but it's hard to say without being able to see you. You should confirm whether it appears on a default style (and if not, disable all add-ons as well).


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once it happened to a friend's site, and the problem was that the template of his custom style had a missing tag which was displaying the username.
Thanks guys, I switched over to the default theme and usernames work fine there, so have isolated it to a theme issue. I'm guessing there was an automatic update which has caused the issue. Have a support ticket open with the theme guys and hopefully get it sorted.


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you can also check this to see if your case is the same as my friend or not.
Open this template: message_user_info

Search for this code: <h3 class="userText">

Add this code after that line:
<xen:username user="$user" itemprop="name" rich="true" />