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XF 1.1 usergroups based on profile-fields ?


Well-known member
just wondering:

when having specific profile-fields in XF 1.1, is it possible to have users being grouped into "user-groups" (in ACP) based on which profile-field they fill in ?

Let`s say: a user can choose whether he is a mouse or a cat, based on radio-buttons in custom user-fields.
So based on which radio-button the user selects, the user will be grouped into a specific usergroup in ACP (mouse or cat).

Then I as Admin decide in ACP which usergroup (mouse or cat) I want to target to send specific Newsletters (or XF mass mailing) to ?

Is this possible with XF 1.1 ?

Many thanks!

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
What you need is a feature called "public joinable groups." There is no such feature right now. I don't recall seeing an addon for this either. You might want to post a request.


Well-known member
I saw there is already an add-on for that (mass mailing to usergroups), I was just wondering if I can send Newsletters to specific users by default in XF 1.1

Thanks for the explanation!


XenForo moderator
Staff member
There has always been the ability to email individual users or user groups from the ACP.

You can format the email using HTML if you want to send a newsletter type email.


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oh, I was wondering what "Criteria Based on Custom User Fields" means or what you can do with it ?

Anyone can explain this in a bit more detail please ?


Well-known member
oh, wow..... also sending e-mail to specific usergroups?

seems like Brogan and Jake have been "Ninja`d" by XF 1.1 Beta 3 ;)