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Add-on [PAID] Needed - SMS on Posts / Restrict members based on profile field

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by Cory Booth, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Cory Booth

    Cory Booth Well-Known Member

    Verify custom profile field.


    • User registers and inputs a value in a custom profile field.
    • The value provided is checked against a set list of known possible entries.
    • If the value matches one of the known entries, user is registered as a “Authenticated User”
    • If the value does not match a known entry, user is told their registration failed or user is registered as a “Unauthenticated User”
    • If the value matches that of a previsouly registered user – the previous registered user is notified.
    (A possible later expansion might be the previous registered user could “allow” the registration.) But for now, a simple notification would suffice.

    Real World Example:
    Home Owner’s Association…
    The site is designed for home owners.
    Each home owner has a lot number which the Association maintains a list of.
    • New user registers and must provide their lot number.
      If the lot number doesn’t exist – the user is blocked or marked as “Unauthenticated”
      If a user uses the lot number of someone else – that person is notified.
    This is to provide a bit of non-anominity to the site.
    We wish to keep it professional and by ensuring users are inputting their lot numbers, we feel they’ll take a bit more care in postings.
    It will also hopefully cut down on user’s creating “fake” accounts and bashing other members.
    It will also hopefully cut down on random “non-owners” from registering and posting various items…

    SMS on new post in designated forum.

    This request is based on a similar VB3/4 mod posted here:

    User has an area to input a mobile phone number and service provider in their profile fields.
    Users who have properly entered their number will receive a text message when a new posting is made in designated forum(s)

    Real World Example:
    Home Owners Association…
    Registered users are send a mobile text message when an emergency announcement needs to be made.

    Our Association is very large and we need a method to send alerts out immediately when things happen. Rather than random Twitter messages or FaceBook messages, we would like an "official" method to send alerts using this forum platform.

    Price is negotiable. I am looking at $250 for both modifications.
    I asked for both in the same post because they are both needed if I decide to use XF.

    Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    Any success with this? Just curious how it turned out. I am looking for an SMS solution as well. Please update us. Thanks.
  3. Cory Booth

    Cory Booth Well-Known Member

    Nada for the SMS side.

    But xfrocks did produce the User Registry Confirmation tool.
    Unfortunately my intended users declined to use the tool.

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