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Add-on Create a list of details based on custom profile fields

I run a gaming community forum and I've created several custom fields in profiles which members can use to fill out their usernames on other services (World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Steam, etc etc). This works fine if other members are looking at a user's profile specifically, but it falls short if a member wants to know all users who play Steam, for example.

I would like an addon which allows these fields to populate a list so members can do exactly that.

For an example of existing profiles you can click here, though I'm not sure if I've got the username details publicly facing or not so here they are on my profile.

This is for a small non-profit community based in Australia. If you're interested & can help out please get in touch with a rough estimate of the cost and the time-frame you'd need to do code this. Thank you!


Thanks @@AndyB but that's not quite what I'm after. If members are looking for a specific result based on a custom field then that would be great, but I want users to be able to receive a list of all results for any user who has filled the field out.

For example, if a member is searching for all users who have entered their MSN screenname on their profiles, I want them to be able to go and search and get a list like:

Member A: MSN — screenname
Member B: MSN — screenname
Member C: MSN — screenname

and so on and so forth.