Usergroup promotion based on age / date of birth


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Has anyone written one? I'd like to promote users based on their birthdate... ie, once they turn 18 or 21, etc, but there's no promotion option for that. What would be involved in extending the permissions manager to add this option?

This is part resource request... part development discussion. Really, it depends on how much time/energy would be necessary to write the add-on.

Chris D

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Has someone worked on this one? I run a photography forum and we're needing a Nude section, but I'd like to limit the visibility of this section only for the >18. :p

I might look at this... it sounds (on the face of it) pretty simple... but I always think that.

Chris D

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I meant of the Nude Section when you get it :ROFLMAO:

But of course: Don't link here to that. We're all professionals. ;)