Add-on Usergroup Controlled Profile Enhancements


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I would really like to see an addon released that gives usergroup controlled profile enhancements. This would increase account upgrades.

Here are some features that could really upgrade profiles:
  1. Profile Cover
  2. Profile Background
  3. Profile Widgets / Blocks
  4. Friends
  5. Audio Player with playlist.
  6. Profile Views
  7. Profile visitors
  8. Favorite forums
  9. Trophies block
  10. Leaderboard ranking
  11. Favorite tags cloud (tags most viewed/posted)
  12. Recent Watched content widget
  13. Recent Content from followed people
  14. Media Slider (XFMG)
The essence of this request is to offer a number of profile enhancements features that are completely controlled by permissions. For example:
- Display Profile Cover
- View Profile Cover

If the user has no permission to Display Profile Cover, then the profile Cover his hidden on their profile. No matter what permissions others have.
So when an account upgrade expires, then the account will not have a profile cover visible. Only when the user upgrades the account then the profile cover is visible again to all users that have permission to View Profile Cover.
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