1. A


    Hi, I was wonder if there are plans (or custom add-on) for a social-like Friends system? I know there's a "Follow" build-in on Xenforo. The main problem with that is that anyone can follow anyone else with no approval and no limits. Thanks Alex
  2. Alpha1

    Add-on Usergroup Controlled Profile Enhancements

    I would really like to see an addon released that gives usergroup controlled profile enhancements. This would increase account upgrades. Here are some features that could really upgrade profiles: Profile Cover Profile Background Profile Widgets / Blocks Friends Audio Player with playlist...
  3. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Friends 1.2.1

    Description This add-on extends XenForo's following feature by allowing users to create friendships with one another. Features Users can send friend requests to others Users enter how they know each other when sending friend requests Users receive an alert when they receive a friend...