XF 2.1 User upgrades did not process


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I've had a bunch of new members migrating to one of my forums over the last couple of days. Many of them are purchasing membership upgrades (paid with PayPal) and most are getting promoted as expected.

I have 3 members that paid for upgrades, PayPal sent the IPN and my forum received them, but the payment provide log shows:
Payment: (Guest) Payment received, upgraded/extended.
PayPal User upgrades Today at 1:19 PM Unknown user

If I click on the detail, it shows the ["payer_email"] as the same as their registration email.

I tried having PayPal resend the IPN, but I just get the following in the log when I do that:
Information: Transaction already processed. Skipping.
PayPal User upgrades 19 minutes ago Unknown user

How can I fix this so my members get the upgrades they paid for?
If it helps anyone diagnosing the issue, I'm fairly certain these members did the account upgrade immediately upon registration - possibly (I don't know for sure) even before validating the registration.

Any ideas how I can get Xenforo to recognize PayPal's IPN for these members and process them?
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