XF 2.2 User Upgrade won’t work after payment

Greetings Community
Im currently facing an issue which I’m unable to fix till this day.
After a user upgraded his account with an one time payment or monthly subscription, the rank won’t change automatically.
I never had issues in the past. I also saw some people here having the same issue.
Maybe someone has a solution for me.

Here is the latest payment log:
array(17) {
["txn_type"] => string(10) "subscr_eot"
["subscr_id"] => string(14) "I-JEUREBC2JF9A"
["last_name"] => string(9) "Gon�alves"
["residence_country"] => string(2) "PT"
["item_name"] => string(47) "Account upgrade: Spoofing Access (Joaquim_1964)"
["mc_currency"] => string(3) "EUR"
["business"] => string(23) "removedmail@hotmail.de"
["verify_sign"] => string(56) "AzZ8AXF9MVOsS4k2r1mqU-XIq2JiAcL27fvsiE5vppaTO1zE9VBEMWM6"
["payer_status"] => string(8) "verified"
["payer_email"] => string(20) "removedmail@sapo.pt"
["first_name"] => string(7) "Joaquim"
["receiver_email"] => string(23) "removedmail@hotmail.de"
["payer_id"] => string(13) "K43XJ9PRYMGRC"
["custom"] => string(32) "NP86fHqb4uPKx5RkjkOpVAdoQiOWaE6X"
["charset"] => string(12) "windows-1252"
["notify_version"] => string(3) "3.9"
["ipn_track_id"] => string(13) "f815731552df7"


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