Not a bug User Upgrade payment acknowledged in log, but upgrade not applied

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Since upgrade to xf 2.2.2 I have received a payment but the upgrade did not take place.

Payment log:

array(36) {

  ["mc_gross"] => string(5) "20.00"

  ["protection_eligibility"] => string(8) "Eligible"

  ["address_status"] => string(9) "confirmed"

  ["payer_id"] => string(13) "7XNHZQYVDGXXN"

  ["address_street"] => string(15) "xxxxxxx"

  ["payment_date"] => string(25) "13:29:37 Jan 04, 2021 PST"

  ["payment_status"] => string(9) "Completed"

  ["charset"] => string(12) "windows-1252"

  ["address_zip"] => string(5) "87501"

  ["first_name"] => string(3) "jim"

  ["mc_fee"] => string(4) "1.28"

  ["address_country_code"] => string(2) "US"

  ["address_name"] => string(21) "xxx xxxxxx, PhD, BTL"

  ["notify_version"] => string(3) "3.9"

  ["subscr_id"] => string(14) "I-SXD1TEDCUTMT"

  ["custom"] => string(32) "yo8XGT4GJRwsNnqV4O3jjl5DCrDb3F96"

  ["payer_status"] => string(10) "unverified"

  ["business"] => string(20) ""

  ["address_country"] => string(13) "United States"

  ["address_city"] => string(8) "Santa fe"

  ["verify_sign"] => string(56) "AN0sLV5BK1FCvcYAlG1NK3HOeMoMAP5ftAaMh1uNFzOOVRfAYN9Orny8"

  ["payer_email"] => string(14) ""

  ["txn_id"] => string(17) "3388938735009424P"

  ["payment_type"] => string(7) "instant"

  ["last_name"] => string(7) "xxxxxx"

  ["address_state"] => string(2) "NM"

  ["receiver_email"] => string(20) ""

  ["payment_fee"] => string(0) ""

  ["receiver_id"] => string(13) "SCGW6KQSVXDUU"

  ["txn_type"] => string(14) "subscr_payment"

  ["item_name"] => string(29) "Account upgrade: �20 per Year"

  ["mc_currency"] => string(3) "GBP"

  ["residence_country"] => string(2) "US"

  ["transaction_subject"] => string(29) "Account upgrade: �20 per Year"

  ["payment_gross"] => string(0) ""

  ["ipn_track_id"] => string(13) "602a85d36b4bc"


I resent the IPN from Paypal and got the same log but with the title:

Information: Transaction already processed. Skipping.

And still no upgrade applied
What message is displayed with this log? Is it "Payment received, upgraded/extended"?

If so, then the payment was processed and the upgrade code should've been triggered. The only thing then would be if something failed while trying to apply the upgrade, though there really shouldn't be much that'd do that (unless an add-on has added behaviors)?
What message is displayed with this log? Is it "Payment received, upgraded/extended"?
    Payment: (Guest) Payment received, upgraded/extended.

    Unknown user

    Yesterday at 9:30 PM

Purchase request key

Transaction ID

Subscriber ID

Payment profile

Purchasable details
    User upgrades

Purchasable item
    £20 per Year
What you're quoting from me relates to different logs and a different context. (Either legacy 1.x related payment things or non-payment messages.) The "unknown user" part is probably quite relevant.

Actually, this part is too:
Payment: (Guest) Payment received, upgraded/extended.
The "Guest" part isn't standard. Looking again, the item_name in the PayPal callback doesn't have a username either. Thus, this looks to me like it's related to an add-on. At a guess, it seems to be something related to allowing guests to purchase user upgrades, if that helps point you to something.
Aha, yes I do have an add on for upgrade on registration , but is not supposed to be for guests but for new members as they register.

I bet that’ll be it, something going wrong with that
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