[User Title] "Not a member" for banned users


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Banned Users

Once a user is banned, they no longer have access to the board content or any of the functionality. They will just see a message stating they have been banned, along with any reason entered at the time of the ban being placed.

Banned users are not included in the member count and do not show in the member list or search. In addition, the profile pages of banned users are only accessible by Administrators.

By default there is no outward indication that a member has been banned. If desired, a user group can be created specifically for this purpose, with the appropriate display styling priority set to ensure it overrides any other groups the user is a member of.
I am proposing to make "Not a member" a default XenForo term for the terminally misbehaved members. It adds to XenForo's overall organic nature and makes them known as banned in a subtle extenuated way instead of no indication at all (which I find misleading).