XF 2.2 Moderator user title not showing


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I made someone a moderator and added them to the "moderating" user group. Also added them as a super moderator in the moderator section of the ACP. In the moderating user group, I ticked off the custom user title of "moderator". I made moderating their primary user group and registered user their secondary.

In the forum, in the message_info section, it still shows them as "Member", the registered member title. It does show the staff user banner though. How can I get the user title to switch to Moderator?

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I made moderating their primary user group and registered user their secondary.
That was your mistake. The primary group of all members should stay registered or you will screw up user group permissions and wonder why its not working. Change the secondary group to moderating.


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It did not change the user title. It still shows as Member instead of Moderator.

I can confirm, the user's primary group is Registered User and Secondary is Moderating.


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That section doesn't have anything to do with user titles. It just has options related to user banners.

The correct user banner is showing "Staff Member". However, the user title isn't changing to "Moderator".


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Set the display styling priority for the Moderating user group higher than the Registered user group.

You can also use this:



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So I solved it setting the user's title to Moderator. I was just hoping that the system would override the registered user title automatically.

I will try changing the styling priority to see if that works. Thanks @Brogan