XF 1.5 Forum Information: Members Statistic (what doesn't count as a member for this stat?)


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Imported a vb4 forum (which began as a vb3 forum) into xenforo today and am checking that everything transferred correctly. During import, there were around 5 usernames flagged for containing commas where I removed the comma for xenforo and 1 username which had same email address and which I elected to merge during import, but no other error messages. Now on my xenforo homepage, statistics sidebar block, threads and post stats are identical to the vb4 forum, but member count is a bit different.

vb4 homepage stat said 15,894 members.

In xenforo, homepage sidebar statistics says 14,719 members.

Looking with phpMyAdmin, my xf_user table contains 17,140 rows.

My vb user table contained 17,679 rows.

What counts and doesn't count as a member for the xenforo homepage sidebar stat, and/or is there a counter I should rebuild that I'm not seeing for this?

Looking to see if there is an import log which sheds any light on the differences.
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