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User Rank Ribbons (version 2.0) - User statuses taken to another level!

This addon got a great customization! In setting you can change backgrounds colors, text color, border color, text size and a lot more. You can also reset the style settings.

  • Pre-made ribbons included
  • Nadri User Ranks Ribbon Add On uninstaller included
  • Highly customizable
  • Supports up to 13 ribbons
  1. Upload the files in the .zip file
  2. Install the .xml file thru ACP
  3. Go...

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Quick off-topic question : which add-on did you use in order to display user online status ribbon in your demo capture? See attachment.


  • UserRankRibbons_demo.webp
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Yeah, I've already installed the first version and now want to install the update. Will it break existing ranks & ribbons?
I can't actually fix that because I did not include the version_id on some of the lines of code. You could go to Appearance -> Templates -> userranksribbons.css and copy all of that code. And paste it in again after the update. If you have any problems let me know! :)
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