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XF 1.1 User Promotions


Active member
Currently using 1.1.3.

I've set up a usergroup promotion that needs 5 award points and 5 posts on the account before it auto promotes. The chron ran twenty minutes ago, and it didn't apply to anyone.

Am I wrong in thinking that it should have considered the 5 award points and 5 posts as the minimum, or was does the software expect exactly that amount?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Yeah. The users have to have logged in within the last 3 days in 1.1.3.

In 1.2 the promotions run automatically during login and again every hour.


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Thanks for the replies guys!

So everyone with more than the specified amounts needs to promotion to be manually applied?

The bit I used was where says in the user group promotion "user has posted at least X amount of messages" and "user has at least X award points"?


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So it should have worked for a good few of the members. It's just a change in usergroup to change the user's username styling. I've checked the styling rankings, and the group they get promoted to is higher on the styling rankings, so I am not sure why it has not worked in that case.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Check that the promotion is not disabled for them.

You can check in the ACP under Manage Promoted Users.


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Thanks for the help!

It looks like it was a case of colours being too similar (I changed the background colour to test in case it was that) lol!