XF 1.4 User promotions, moving users to user group

I have forum permission set in a way that new users' posts have to be approved by moderators. I have set up user promotion to add user to non-moderated user group after a certain post count.

However, XenForo is just adding non-moderated user group as secondary group, leaving users in the moderated group as well. Which means even though user promotion is kicking in at the right time, their posts are still ending up in moderation queue!

How can I ensure that this no longer happens and users are moved to non-moderated user group, like they used to be in vb.


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XenForo permissions work differently from VB. They are designed to be cumulative, with all users having the Registered group as their primary user group and other groups being added as secondary user groups. See this guide for details:


You should also avoid using Never when setting permissions, as this cannot be overridden.

To achieve what you want, for the Registered group you should set "Follow message moderation rules" to Not Set (No). This will moderate all posts for new users. Then for the secondary group for non-moderation, set that permission to Allow. Once members are promoted to that group, the Allow takes precedence over Not Set (No) in the Registered group, hence allowing them to post without moderation.