XF 1.5 User Promotions Being Ornery


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Despite all the anti-spam features of XenForo 1.5, spammers have gotten through twice in the last 24 hours, so I am going back to a method I used to use in vBulletin. The posts of a Registered user are invisible until approved. Once a user has at least 1 approved post, they get moved (added) to the Confirmed usergroup. I have changed all my forums to require posts/threads to be approved, and I have setup a secondary Confirmed usergroup.

I thought I'd setup the most straightforward Usergroup Promotion I could. Any user with at least 1 post should be added to the "Confirmed" group...

and yet, no matter how many times I go to Cron Entries and force this promotion to run, it has only promoted a handful of users.

If I Search for Users who are in the Registered group, NOT in the secondary Confirmed group, yet have a Message count between 1 and -1, I get 23 pages of results (442 users).


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I had my forums set to NOT require approval of posts and threads. Will that promotion still work?

Also that page you linked offers a hint at my problem:
Once the promotion has been saved, any members active recently, who match all of the criteria, will be promoted.
So does that mean that the Promotion only works on users who have logged in at some undocumented interval?
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For members who haven't logged in for a while, the promotion will run for them the next time they log in, so it shouldn't cause any issues.