XF 2.2 User promotion - users that meet requirements not being added to the new user group


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Made 3 new user groups with various requirements planned to use with the raffle addon for variable ticket entry rates. The problem is that no users are actually promoted to the new user groups, so can't test that it actually works.


Promotions are active as you can see.

Requirements are for tier 1 - 1 showcase item and 15 forum posts. Me as admin f.ex meet that requirement, but is not added automatically to the group. I've manually run the cron user group promotions without it adding me to the group. I checked the promotion history afterwards and my user group details to verify.


I had a compliant this morning from user "A" who stated he was not able to start a conversation with user "B". Looking at my group promotion, it has not changed. My group promotion promotes "Registered" users to the "Verified" user group after they meet the criteria of 1 post (which allows me to moderate the first post by all users). User "B" met the criteria was not promoted.

So, I found this thread and ran "Rebuild user group promotion". That process picked up about 50 members who had not been promoted from "Registered to Verified". I haven't had any server errors in a long while. I am wondering if I should be rebuilding some caches on a regular basis? Otherwise, how would I know something is wrong unless I receive a compliant?
If they haven't been online it won't have promoted them:
@mattrogowski I saw your post above: "Users need to be active within the past 2 hours in order to get promoted."

If I understand you correctly, if user "B" (in my example above) meets the criteria of 1 post and should therefore be promoted to the "Verified" users group, user "B" will not be promoted because he/she is off-line for a couple of days? ...which means that user "B" cannot receive new conversations...because user "B" has not been promoted to the "Verified" users group.

This seems odd to me. Why should an user be online in order to be "promoted" ?
Because otherwise the system would be having to essentially constantly check every user in the database to see if they are eligible for a promotion. It has to select a user before it can run the criteria against it to see if it's eligible for a promotion and XenForo only checks recently active users. If you added a promotion and needed it to run for people that hadn't been online in years, it'd need to be constantly checking the entire user base in order to find them. The theory is that applying a promotion to a user that hasn't been active on the site anyway wouldn't achieve anything. I guess your situation where a user needs to be promoted to receive conversations rather than send them (which would require them to be online) is somewhat of an edge case.
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