XF 1.4 User permissions not working after conversion

hi, I have just converted my vbulletin board to xenforo yesterday with the help of a moderator from this community.

Many of the users are in the main group 'registered users advanced'. This group allows users to edit their own posts.

The problem is when I view the permissions of users in this group, they don't have the edit posts option set for some reason and cannot edit their own posts. I've tested it as them and cannot edit my own posts either.

If I use the analyse permissions option, it says they can edit their posts.

Have you any idea what could be wrong, is this a bug or is their an option to rebuild everyone's permissions from the user groups they are in?

Ok, thanks for your response. Does anyone know how I would easily change the primary user group for all my users? Bearing in mind I have over 150,000 users.


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Same situation but my question is, once I do a batch update to move everyone into the registered usergroup, how will this affect the members who should have, and were already in, a premium membership usergroup on Vb3?


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If that is their primary user group, set it as a secondary and the Registered user group as the primary.

If the user group has been applied via a promotion then you can set up the same promotion in XF and handle it that way.


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There isn't a "banned" user group in XF out of the box.

You can create one if you want but it would only be used for styling as bans are applied at the account level and are unrelated to user groups.