User Permissions and Post Count Upgrades?

I didn't really know how to word the title as you can tell :) I did some searching and couldn't find out how to do this.

I need to have users come into a relatively basic account and then, as they post, they can have increased priviliges. Kinda like this:

0 - 20 Posts - No Profile Posts, No Conversations, No Links, No Signature, No Blogs (Better Blogs)
21 - 50 Posts - No Profile Posts, No Links, No Signature, No Blogs
51 - 100 Posts - No Blogs, No Links
100+ - can have all of the above

thanks in advance :)
ok, I did that... seems to work, but user's main group is still 'Registered'. With the Secondary Group being the one I set up. What would take precedence? and why does the user show up as 'New Member' even though that is not the title of either usergroup? (note, it says that under the user's name in the forums). I would think it would show the usergroup title


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Permissions are cumulative.
Additional user groups are always secondary.

User titles come from the trophy points ladder by default.