XF 2.1 User moved to Banned usergroup make as primary


When a user is banned, is it possible to have their primary group replaced by the "Banned" usergroup instead of appear as a secondary group? I know the "Banned" usergroup is only for astetics but it looks funny when you have a user with multiple forum ranks, with banners, and the last banner is a "Banned" group.


Doesn't seem to work. I believe I'm doing correctly. I tried it with both "None" and "Banned" with no change. Under "Setup > Options > User discouragement and discipline > Add user group on ban."



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Yes, thinking about it, it's not going to be possible as there is no "remove from user group".

You can only prevent other promotions from taking effect by utilising the "is not a member of" criterion, but that would never affect the Registered user group as that is the default group.

You will need to edit the existing promotions for VIP, etc. and add "is not a member of" and select the banned user group.

That assumes you don't have a banner for the Registered user group.