User moderation question


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First time using the user awaiting moderation feature in xenforo. The system is fairly default right now, I've only just gone live. I'm just worried that I will reject a valid user or accept a spammer now.

What things do you guys look for when determining if you should reject or accept a user?


Here is a pic of 3 users that it has picked up on. The 1st and 3rd have the same IP so I am assuming they are a spambot.
Is DNSBL matched reliable? Are there many false positives?

As for the 2nd user he seems to have only been detected based on username. Looks like a fairly normal username to me. What would you do?


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Check the IP address.
That will give you a clue whether they're from one of the regions typical for spammers.

If the hit is just on the name, I usually let it through.

If email or IP address are flagged, I don't.


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I rejected all of these but in future I won't reject solely on username. Turns out Bobbie wasn't a spammer and he contacted me. My bad.