User Mentions Improvements by Xon

User Mentions Improvements by Xon 1.7.0

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Hi @Xon how can I troubleshoot on why the Quote alert emails are not going out at all, while the other standard transactional emails go through just fine ?

The settings for: Enable User Mentions and Receive User Mention or Quote Alert Emails are both set to Allow for target usergroups
There is a global option for these; please check under "User Mentions Improvements" options group in the admincp


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There is a global option for these; please check under "User Mentions Improvements" options group in the admincp

Yes, I have all three enabled
  • Receive User Mention Alert Emails
  • Receive Quoted Alert Emails
  • Send quote emails only on unreplied threads
I also have the setting on User CP enabled
  • Receive email when quoted
I don't receive emails neither when quoted on new threads, nor the ones in which I already participated (I tested by switching off or on the third option)
Hi @Xon,

Installed the plugin, set up permission but for some reason user tagging not showing user list when '@' sign triggered. Same problem for user groups. No list, please help!

I am testing with Administrative group where:

- Is Taggable: Enabled
- Enable User Mentions: Allowed
- Receive Tag Alert Emails: Allowed
- Tag User Group: Allowed

I don't know what am I missing here. Please help!


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Members not of the administrative group need the "Tag User Group" permission set if you want them to be able to mention the administrative group.

Otherwise, please check that all the template modifications are applying. These are required to user groups to be added to the list.

Also check that there are no javascript errors preventing user tagging showing up when the @ sign is typed in the reply box which must be in rich text editor mode.
Thanks for the reply @Xon :)

I am testing using Admin account. Yes, I have set up permission for both Administrative and Registered groups. Still not showing up.

There are no JS error as I have checked and confirmed.

Template modification looks good except:

no matches for '#class="[^"]*UserTagger[^"]*"#'
- navigation_visitor_tab
- post_report
- profile_post_report
- report_view
- conversation_message_report
- member_report

The requested template could not be found.
- tiny_quattro_js_setup

I have added some screenshot. Please have a look.



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i have 1.2.0

but did the issue where if a user who isnt in a usergroup wrote the name of the usergroup, then someone who is in that usergeoup quoted him, an alert will go out

its very annoying
@Xon in the past couple of years, we transferred all of our sites from vBulletin to Xenforo. Xenforo is endlessly superior (especially due to addons like yours). However, there are still some areas where we feel things have taken a slight step backwards. Previously, when we were on vBulletin, when members received an email regarding a quote or tag, the content of that quote and/or tag were included in the email. While it is nice to drive people back to the site, it is extremely convenient to be able to see a response in the email notification itself.

As things sit now, when someone is tagged or quoted in Xenforo (with your addon), they just get a link to take them back to the site. Is this something that could be an option for us as admins to turn on or off? I'd really like that email to have the basic information in it for ease-of-use for our members.


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Missing phrases:
Those phrases are in the distributed XML zip. If you look at the adamncp page while it is installing you get to see raw phrase names until the phrases finish compiling.