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When a user must enable two-step verification they cannot see anything on the site, so the account is not valid, it is "Awaiting 2-step verification," but this is not an option. It seems it should be since based on the other options; awaiting email confirmation, awaiting approval.

I recently ran into a situation where the user had "trouble logging in" and the troubleshooting would have been a lot easier had their account been marked the same you do for email verification.
I sort of see your point but they are really separate things.

Requiring two-step verification isn't really a user state. It's a kind of moment-in-time requirement which varies not on the user account level but on the device level.

For example, one device or even browser on the same device may require you to do two step verification because it has expired, whereas another might be valid for a further period of time.

You can also invalidate the two-step verification trust status on a per-device basis.
One of the reasons it was hard to troubleshoot was they didn't know "two-step verification" in the error message was a hyperlink. I have used CSS to underline it, as this may help going forward. Thanks!
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