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User How-To Guide


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I was trying to find a how-to for my users on the forum, burt didn't see one, so took info from a source I can't remember and made this guide. I want to give back to this community - everyone has been very kind and patient with me as I am a newbie here! Hope someone finds this useful...



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I have posted to Anthony's Help addon as well. I also created a Moderator's User Guide, but want to add the clickable TOC and will do that this weekend and upload ;)

Steve F

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Thanks for this tekgirl. :)

Small typo under the "Signature" section

"A signature is text or images or both that a member will have show up underneath very post they make. For example;

Also add to "Forum Speak"

OP - Original Poster/Post


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Am ploughing through my help system - just discovered page anchors don't work.
I generally make a mini page menu at the top using
<a name="navbar"><b>NAVBARS</b></a>
to link to the position at
<a href="#navbar"></a><b>NAVBAR </b>
further down.

So what do I do here please?