XF 1.2 User Group Promotions


Hi, I have a question about user group promotions.
I've viewed the threads on how to moderate the first X amount of posts a user has. But I can't for the life of me find out what's wrong. Here's what is currently going on:
I have the user group "Registered" which has the all the permissions a regular user has except the "Follow Moderation Rules" node is set to "Not Set(No)".

I then have the "Member" group which has all permissions set to "Not Set(No)" EXCEPT for the "Follow Moderation Rules" which is set to "Allow".

So with that, all users starting our in the Registered group, I have a promotion called "Spam Check".
I have it set to active and have it to add the user to the group Member. Under the "Apply this Promotion while..." category I have the following statistics:
  • User is a member of selected groups: Registered
  • User has at least X amount of posts: 5
After a user has posted five posts and I've approved them all they are still in the registered group. I attempted to make 6 posts and I approved them and still in the registered group. I then ran the User Group Promotion cron entry and still, nothing.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


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Promotions are run only on active users, which is itself only updated hourly. Has it promoted your test user now?