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Gardolir submitted a new resource:

Group icons - Add icons to your groups and show them in posts, member tooltip and profile

With this simple add-on you can add specific image to each group:

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Icons will be displayed in posts:

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In member tooltip:
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In member profile:

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You can customize the add-on with some options:

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Add-on includes Russian translation.

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Fatih Ozcan

Active member
Can you add a feature for custom user fields? For example after each custom user field add a icon section and if admin define it, show it in postbit in next row separately


Active member
This is excellent, but I found one problem.

One of my forums has 29 different usergroups, most are to register them in private subforums.

I am only using this add-on for 3 of those groups.

It worked great until I edited one of the groups that would not normally have an icon. After I saved the (non related) changes, it now shows a broken image on posts. I do not have an image specified for this group. If I hover over the broken image, it tells me the usergroup name.

I tried putting an image in and it displayed, but I would prefer there to be no image for this group (or any others where I did not specify an image)

Do you have any idea why this is happening?


Yes, I have it very large right now at 88 pixels, while testing. The image above is 88 also, with transparent padding.

Thank you for any advice