Duplicate User Error, Couldn't Reproduce: "Please select a valid thread type."


Affected version
2.2.3 Patch 1
One of my forum users just reported to me an error that I couldn't reproduce: "Please select a valid thread type."

The user provided me all the details what he tried to post and on which particular subforum, but I didn't find any problem with my test account that had the same user privileges (except that the test account is the subforum moderator without any moderator menu boxes ticked).

The subforum itself is Question type with the "Support answer voting" option enabled.

There are quite a many custom thread fields deployed on this subforum, but I don't think these should make any difference regarding the error.

What are the circumstances that this error condition can arise anyway? It seems to imply that the Question thread type isn't selected, but it's the only and the default type here.
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