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Not a bug User change log logging changes that in fact aren't changes


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For example on this page: https://xenforo.com/community/account/contact-details

On the checkbox labeled "Accept conversations from..." if I translate the phrase "Members Only" to "Registered Users Only" and the user goes to that page and saves it *without changing anything* the user change log for that user will record this:

Start conversations with you     All Visitors     Registered Users Only
Btw there is another minor bug: All Visitors != Members Only

And going back to the main bug being reported here, well the problem is that the user change log works comparing the value of the string and thus reporting a change when in fact there is no change. A better approach would be to make it work per ID and not per string i.e. "Members Only" = 1 and "Registered Users Only" = 1

Chris D

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Can't reproduce this...

The value compared is the value in the database. EDIT: Which for reference is one of the following with most of the settings on that page: everyone, members, followed, none.

I don't really understand what you're getting at with this.

You have changed phrase Members Only to Registered Users Only... ok that's fine.

Then you go to that page and just click save without changing anything, and the following is logged?
Start conversations with you All Visitors Registered Users Only
That doesn't happen in my testing.

The only way that would happen anyway is if you HAVE changed some sort of value. That is the only way. That would be logged if the value was All Visitors and it was changed to Registered Users Only. So in the database, the value has changed from everyone to members

I have just repeated the steps you mention, and nothing is logged.
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Chris D

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As ever with your bug reports, how much testing have you actually done?

Have you just tried it once with one user? Your bug reports are often erroneous. It just constantly generates unneeded effort. I would guess that the developers and staff here are finding it pretty annoying. The effort you put into reporting things that are possibly bugs is of course appreciated, but the volume of yours which are just not bugs is definitely in the majority.

Sorry to be frank, but please do extensive testing first to prevent other people from having to.

Chris D

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There is another possible cause, and that's if you have manually set that value to "everyone" in the database. Or you have previously had an add-on installed which has allowed guests to start conversations which has since been disabled.

But, that could have still been ascertained before reporting.


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Thanks for the feedback.

This happens on a forum migrated from vB 3.8 to XF 1.4. Maybe that's why you can't reproduce it. However after reading your explanation this might not be a bug after all...


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"Everyone" is a valid value for the send conversations privacy option, it's just not exposed in the UI as it doesn't really make sense (since conversations can't be sent by guests). Thus, in terms of what was saved, the value was actually changed in the DB after loading the UI.

The default value may theoretically be off, but the value is actually being changed after saving so the log entry is expected.