XF 2.2 Clicked options ignored in Communication -> notes??


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For an hour or so i have tried to click that a NOTICE should only be shown to users logged in. I clicked it in the below option field

But it ignores the field is ticket and show the notice to all people logged in or not.

So I tried to tick "user state is" valid" still nothing change, the notice is shown to ALL visitors on the page.

It hat a bug in Xenforo, the Style or is it me that don't understand how this works?

I want to show this notice to users logged in ONLY so that search engines don't see it.
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Are you by chance using cloud flare? There has been a time or two I've had issues with changes not appearing and then I went into Development mode on CF and it showed up, so I simply cleared my CF cache and it continued working.
It could also be caching on your site.
Ahh okay, yeah using CF - however, it should be the first time I see that changes I made in the CP don't have any impact because of CF - however, worth to try.
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