XF 1.4 User Cache Rebuilding and xf_permission_cache_content


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I'm working on importing my vB 3.8 install over to XF 1.4. Forgive me if this is a bit confusing, but I'm still getting a grasp on everything and how it works.

One area I've had some issues with is the permission structure and specifically the
xf_permission_cache_content table.

It seems that User Cache Rebuild doesn't rebuild this table entirely. It might add entries to it, but doesn't seem to completely rebuild it. The only way to rebuild the entries is to re-save each user group.

Is this intended behavior? How I've come across this.

- I've imported all my data (bigboardimporter)
- I've rebuilt all caches
- Some users aren't able to view the forum content (no forums visible) despite all permissions being correct
- Individually re-saving Usergroup permissions while making no changes corrects it because it rebuilds/adds the proper entries to xf_permission_cache_content



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You may need to seek support from the importer add-on thread but rebuilding the master data should fix it.