XF 1.2 Rebuilding caches - two windows question and progress suggestion

Stuart Wright

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Good morning you lovely people :)
So we're regularly doing import tests and rebuilding caches each time.
I wanted to rebuild the search index, so I set that going. It should take some time with maybe 25 million records to process.
And I wanted to rebuild the user cache also. So I set that going in a new browser tab.

So the rebuilding of the search index and users is now happening in both tabs. The messages are swapping between the two rebuilds in the two tabs.
Is this the most efficient way of doing both rebuilds quickly? Or should I close one of the tabs (not cancel).
Or should I create a third tab or a fourth ?

I understand the advantage in displaying the ids of the items being processed. But this doesn't help gauge the progress when, over the years, there are so many deleted entries. Would it be terribly difficult to display a % complete figure? It would be helpful.