XF 1.2 User as moderator without showing the moderator banner


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in XF1.2.1 there is this option to not display a moderator as staff member. However, under the avatar, the banner for moderators is still showing.

I have this user as a registered user with a premium member ship and moderating as the two additional usergroups he is part of.

How do I have to chnage the settings, so that only the premum membership is showing, but not the moderator status?


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Do you have a user group banner for the Moderating User group? Do you want more than one banner per user?

yes, I have also banners for the usergroup "moderating". But with this specific user, I do not want to show this banner. Only the other banner of his other usergroup (a premium membership) shall be visible.


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You would need to modify the code to do that. The option is to not display the user as staff, which reflects the staff member banner, but not any group-defined banners.


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at the moment not.


I rather would not like to change the code...

How can I duplicate 100% all settings of the moderators to a new usergroup and then put this member into that usergroup? I could the disable the banner for this new usergroup...


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You'll need to duplicate the groups by hand. If you only want one user banner per user, uncheck the following option to highest display priority and place Premium Display > Moderator Display:
ACP -> Options -> User Options -> Allow Banner Stacking.