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Rasmus Vind

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Many members of my community have complained about the following scenario:
  1. Go to a forum you want to search.
  2. Enter a search query top right.
  3. Hit enter / "Search".
  4. You are not completely happy with the results and enter something different in the search box top right.
  5. Suddenly the search is site-wide.
People expected the search to still work in the scope of the forum you wanted to search originally and not suddenly across the entire site. I have been telling them to use the tiny button called "Search Again" to modify their query, but I think this is a usability issue as many people have reported it as a bug and thought it was bad.
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It's not really the same in XF2 because we don't default to forum-specific searches.
Just had a look. The problem is still there, just a bit different. The scenario now is this:
  1. Go to some forum or section
  2. Hit search and select "This forum" or similar and type a search term and submit
  3. Click search in the top again expecting to be able to just alter the search term and hit submit
  4. The search is now sitewide again
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