Fixed  Url's Cut Off

I noticed this: after a certain amount of characters, the URL of your "homepage" is cut off on your profile.

I have set mine to my Helpdesk for mere testing purposes, and as you can see the url is cut off.

I have attached an image (.com is cut off)



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As the link still works I have to agree with Mike... in the end the only limits have to be there so the only thing that can be done is instead of just cutting it that ... gets added to the end or the cut a bit out of the middle...

There are much more pressing bugs for the time being... Still though good spot :D


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Ahhh cool so it now wraps... I can see this potentially causing further issues if someone posts a stupidly big URL... but it looks better than just cutting off :D


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It will happen at some point if the browser can't fit it. We can do things to try to help it, but forcing it to wrap is the general fix.