XF 1.4 Url change - cannot login


I recently changed my main url for the forum, changing the options in
'Home>Options>Basic board Information'. I have a htaccess at the root which
forwards to the forum (which i have corrected).

However unless i use the old url i cannot log in as any user, the error being
'The requested user 'fictitious-user' could not be found'.

I have also removed the # from ' RewriteBase /Forums' in the htaccess for xenforo
and updated the installation folder as shown above, recommended on the forum to
fix this issue... hasnt made any difference.


Is there any other options i should be checking, if not its time to backup the templates/style
and start again?


Much appreciated!!
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I browsed around your forum and everything appears to be working correctly. Are you still having an issue?
Nope, its like my password is incorrect but it isnt... change to the old url and its fine.


Clear cache and temp files as usual for troubleshooting purposes, use both chrome and IE just to be sure...
can reproduce this on different pcs. I can create you an admin account if you wanted to see.
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What's the new URL then?

Is it just when logging in? What's the actual URL you're on and actual message? If you disable all add-ons does it still happen?


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That's a different error than what you mentioned initially. :)

So you've moved servers then? In this case, you've moved from a server running PHP 5.3 or newer to a server running PHP 5.2. PHP 5.2 does not have support for the more secure passwords that we use with 5.3+ automatically. You really should make sure that you're running at least PHP 5.4 these days (PHP 5.2 has been unsupported by the PHP group for years). Your host likely provides multiple PHP packages.

If you can't switch to PHP 5.3+, you will need to do a lost password request.
Ah ok,

You've given me the clue i needed, they are all on the same server (as far as i know) ... but each domain has its own PHP setting...
it used to (lol, as far as i know) use the same PHP version for all of them... or at least i bought a new domain and it hasnt picked anything useful.

Waiting for the settings to take place and i will retest.
All working and no password reset required!!
Updated the title so people might be able to pick it up themselves.


Well done that man, made my day!