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Uploading Large Pics Using Demo

I'm experimenting with the Demo and trying to upload 7-10 MB pics. I changed the max upload size to 1,000,000KB - but still getting the error that they are too big.

What am I doing wrong?

Jeremy P

Well-known member
This value also depends on the server settings I think. The demo server might not be configured for uploads that large.

That said, given you configure your server correctly, XenForo can handle 7-10mb file uploads fine.


Well-known member
If you need to have a higher limit you can usually just change that through the php.ini file. Search for post_max_size and change it to post_max_size = xxxM So, post_max_size is the limit for all the content upload of your post. Note that remember to reset httpd server after edit php.ini
I thought that might be the case - but I thought I should confirm. I did see on this forum it is possible.

However, I wished to do more experimenting in this regard and preferred to do so on the Demo - unless there were restrictions.