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I'm still looking for a solution so users can upload photos direct from their phones without having to find a way to resize them first. The Ozzmodz addon isn't supported any more (hadn't got round to trying it).

Would this work? (From thread linked below) Or will it still slow down the forum by uploading up to 10mb files - with the forum resizing them?

I set Maximum Attachment File Size to 8000 KB because many phones (unnecessarily) take very high megapixel photos. This allows big pictures to be uploaded to the server.

However, I then set Maximum Attachment Image Dimensions to 1000 x 1000 pixels, which will automatically resize the photos to those height and width dimensions. You could, of course, set it to less than 1000 x 1000 for a smaller resizing.

I got this solution from the Important Info section of this guide
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Set your attachment size in admincp/options/attatchments
Your host would have given you their highest.
Set it to their highest and quickly do the same thing for videos.
Thanks. I had help working this one out :) It was simpler than I thought and no add ons needed :) I didn't include videos though - people can just use youtube links.
Setup - Options - Attachments

Then change "Maximum attached file size" (I have 12000kb which is 12 mb but you could have 20).

I have "allow videos unselected"

Then scroll down to "Maximum attached image dimensions". I have 800 in the first box and 600 in the second box.

All other settings left as before. Then click save.
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