Fixed  Uploading avatar using IE

When I try to upload my avatar in IE, I get a download popup, wanting do download index.php.

I use IE8, and I have no special settings in IE.

I tried the same with Firefox and Chrome, everything works fine there.
No, that's the weird thing about it.

I use IE 8.0.6001.18702

Googling on "php_auto_file" shows some people have the same with IE.

I've added a screenshot of it (it's Dutch, but I don't think that matters).

It asks me whether I want to open or save the file.



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I came across this error on my laptop. It does seem to be an IE error because I used Firefox and it worked fine. This problem when uploading an avatar. I actually reproduced it more than once on IE only,

IE Information
Error snapshot


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Does it also happen on ?
I had a similar issue at one point when nginx was not configured correctly.
This is wat is in the file for me: