Upload photo from clipboard?


Exists or is it possible to create an xenforo addon that instead of "Upload a File", will have a "Upload from clipboard" feature for images? I often use snipping tool...
Maybe a modal window, like that for inserting an URL... where i can specify the filename?

I see so many features like "quote +", select multiple threads or posts, etc... in xenforo, why not something to quickly add a screenshoot.

Of course ... can be security issues :)
Just asking.
You can copy and paste from the snipping tool.

Saved images, or images from pages can be dragged and dropped (with the relevant browser support).
Ouch! I didn't even try it! :LOL:
If only i could give a better (suggestive) filename... But this is subject of a quick mod, right?

XenForo doesn't stop to amaze me :)
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