1. spk100

    Fixed [2.2.7] Image Copy/Paste from Clipboard Stopped Working

    Before upgrading to 2.2.7, whenever I copied images from WhatsApp Web and pasted it to a new post, it would work. But now, it does not work. I only get a broken image icon. Nothing changed at the server level.

    Unmaintained [CC|T] Copy code 2.1.0 Fix 1

    Hello, Today, we end up sharing an addon that I made. Version: 2.0.0 version of xenforo: 2.0.x branding: yes (to remove this brand you must make a simple donation of 2 € here: Donation ) This addon will allow you to add a security button to copy the code to the clipboard. Once you have...
  3. Maik

    Unmaintained CopyCode 2.0.7

    This add-on will ad a button to copy code to the clipboard.
  4. v8td

    Upload photo from clipboard?

    Exists or is it possible to create an xenforo addon that instead of "Upload a File", will have a "Upload from clipboard" feature for images? I often use snipping tool... Maybe a modal window, like that for inserting an URL... where i can specify the filename? I see so many features like "quote...